What Is Facebook Boost Post Option and How Does It Work

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Are you a frequent user of Facebook Boost Button? You may need to pay attention to. This is a public service announcement.

That boost post option is convenient and much quicker to go through during the ad creation process. However, it can result in very expensive results.


The boost option is part of the Facebook ad ecosystem that can only be assessed on your business page instead of the actual ads manager.

When you are on your Facebook  business page you will notice your posts have a blue button that says “Boost Post.”

When you click on the Boost Post option you will get several options.
You can target people who like your page and those who look like them.

You can also target your custom audiences, cold audiences, set a call to action CTA, set pixel, set duration, and ad budget.

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Facebook ads created in ads manager are not the same as Boosted Posts.

Boosted posts are technically optimized for engagement. There is a place for this scenario (we will discuss this shortly)

When using the boost post option you are missing out on options like

1. Split test strategies like audiences, copy, and creative.

facebook ads split test

2. You are missing out on several other ad objectives that help Facebook optimize for the specific outcomes you want to achieve.

Facebook ads objectives

3. You are giving up on the ability to customize ad placement on both mobile and desktop.

Facebook ads placements

4. Option to exclude categories and publishers that you don’t wish your ads to appear.

This is so valuable especially if your brand doesn’t align with those publishers.

facebook brand safety features

5. Ability to decide what to optimize for.

You can’t optimize for engagement actions like event responses, video views, or page likes.

facebook ads optimization

6. Missing out on more advanced ads scheduling features like dayparting and standing or accelerated delivery.

(Dayparting is when you decide what time of the day your ads to be shown)

7. Missing out on ad creative options.

When using ads manager you have options like carousel ads, canvas ads and more to really nail down engagement with your audience.


Just as with any ad you create you need to have a strategy then start with end goal going back to the beginning.

If you have a piece of content that you really want your audience to see and engage with (example video, text post, or image post) boost button option is perfectly fine.

Another angle is to use it as a way of building social proof before running an actual ad using your post ID which will pull all the likes, hearts, comments to your ad.

When ads have social proof they tend to perform better compared to those which do not have any proof.

So, before hitting that boost button make sure it fits your overall business strategy otherwise ignore it.

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